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The Nice Guy

Behind Every Dark Cloud....

Austin Ballantine was the epitome of bad luck –

bullied in school, divorced, job after unsuccessful job.

He hated his life.

And now his second wife has left him and

two near death experiences left him shaken and afraid.

Once again he wanted to withdraw from everything

but the consistent support of his psychiatrist reinforced the need to keep trying.

The medications helped, soothing his anxiety but there was no medicine,

that could alter the lifelong persistence of bad luck and misfortune.


Then along came Annie. Young, beautiful......and rich.

She was the answer to everything he never thought possible.

She approached him.

He resisted, she persisted. He knew he was not good enough for her.

But he succumbed to her perseverance and let his guard down.

Was it a mistake or the answer to all he had been searching for?

Or once again, will it all come crashing down?


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