Missouri Lakes

Missouri Pass - Fancy Pass - Fancy Lake

This is one of my favorite hikes, although one of the toughest. Nearly 9 miles of high country hiking while traversing 2 high mountain passes.  The hike begins at Missouri Lakes Trail head and ends at the Fancy Lake Trail head. During this hike there are beautiful, tumble creeks and deep gorges. In addition to Missouri Lakes and Fancy Lake, Treasure Vault Lake and Blodgett Lake.


        Missouri Lakes Trailhead 10,010’



                      Holy Cross Wilderness Boundry – 10,360’




                                               Lower Missouri Lake – 11,410’ 


                                                            Upper Missouri Lake 12,520'


                                                    Marmot            Looking at Missouri Pass


                                       Looking at Missouri Pass        Half Way Up


Almost there       Looking back at Missouri Lake   Missouri Pass – 11,986’


                                       Columbine Flowers


Treasure Vault Lake – 11,675’ and Middle Mountain Range - View from Missouri Pass


                         Fancy Pass – 12,390’         


              Three snowfields to cross on the back of Fancy Pass



                                         Fancy Lake – 11,540’



                                           Fancy Creek Trailhead 10,017’

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