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Jamming at a B-Day Party

Yesterday I went to a birthday party for one of my wife's friends. I was asked to bring my guitar. When I got there I found out another guy, Don, brought his guitar also. I love to jam with musicians I've never played with before. We had a blast playing Johnny Cash, Elvis, Jimmy Buffet, Dion and more. 

There is always something to learn from anyone else you play with. 

We had a great time and the party people love it.......even had a few dancing.

Have a GREAT day folks.................and by the way..........ROCK ON!!!!!


March 16, 2019 @10:02 am
Thanks for the comment Dana. and yes, it was an awesome party and you were a wonderful host.
March 14, 2019 @11:11 am
Sounds like an awesome birthday party. That host must have been amazing. So smart to have wonderful musicians play!

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