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   My name is Dennis E. Renner, all my friends know me as 'Denney'. Because of your interest in my books and, since you're viewing this page, and possibly have a bit of curiosity about me, it seems appropriate to offer a bit of background and how I became an author.

   I began writing, well, let me say many, many years ago. Beginning in grade school my young mind ran wild with fantasies, tall tales and adventure. I enjoyed being alone (I was most comfortable with myself) and during these times I would daydream of people, situations, monsters and distant places. It all fascinated me. 

   Before long my daydreams were penned in my personalized style of cursive/printing penmanship. Many hours were spent bringing my stories to life on paper.

   Unfortunately my childhood writings were all lost in a 1972 house fire. 

   However, my writing continued. Fantasies, adventures, poetry, nature; some based on fact, most were fictional. In 1980 I purchased a home with a small amount of acreage surrounded by nature. I began a daily journal of the natural occurrences and experiences at my new home.

   I purchased a computer to aid in my writing. I never had the discipline to learn to type properly and a word processing program was the perfect solution to my erratic keyboard techniques. Now the opportunity was presented to edit easily. My stories became longer, more colorful, more descriptive.

   I was an avid outdoorsman; hunting, hiking, exploring, camping and educating myself, so that is what I wrote about. Ten years later my life took an abrupt change; a divorce and the loss of my country home in exchange for a two room apartment in the city. My writing continued although the subject matter became one of soul searching and newly arisen frustrations.

   A few years later I met a wonderful lady, my current wife Cassandra. We bought a home in rural Missouri not far from St. Louis. My writing continued as did my journaling of nature, wildlife and the seasons.

   Soon an idea weaved its way into my mind, one I contemplated on for quite sometime. A vague idea of a story; one that was total fantasy and monstrous. "An Unexpected Visitor: The Origin" was born.

   The story and characters evolved as I wrote, taking me where I had not expected. At the conclusion of the book, it was obvious the story was not over. So "The Saga of Kattrina Walsh" continued in my second book, "Evolution".

   At the conclusion of "Evolution", ends were intentionally left untied and a third book was born; "The West Side of Evil: A Gathering" came to life and concluded the trilogy.

   AS you may have derived from my previous words, I love the outdoors. No longer a hunter, I became a pursuer of knowledge and experience in nature. Also, my love and longing for Colorado returned. In 2007 I returned to Colorado to explore its magnificent high country. I have returned nearly every year since challenging the highest peaks and relishing in the solitude.

   Unknowingly, my next book began to write itself.

   "One Summer in the Rockies"

   will be available soon.

 I hope this bit of info and background has entertained you. I am always open to conversation, questions and suggestions.

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Dennis E. Renner   (Denney)


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